The Brexit divorce bill is estimated to be £66 billion.
I don't believe it, show me the maths!


What else could we do instead?

If you think I did the maths wrong or think of something else we could do instead, tweet me.
Don't we have to pay this money anyway?
Kind of, but in return we get the many benefits of EU membership. If we leave, we're still liable to pay for EU programs going on way into the future that we will no longer benefit from at all. Some of which we'll then have to fund ourselves. The Guardian have a good write up of what the divorce bill is for. The point of this website is to show how much value we're throwing away.

If we leave we never have to pay the EU again
True, but we don't send as much to the EU as the leave campaign said. They didn't account for what we get back. puts it as 8.6 billion a year which means leaving costs us nearly 8 years of membership for nothing in return while losing the benefits of free trade.

But the divorce bill isn't the main reason not to leave!
That's true. There are tonnes of other really good reasons not to leave.